Frequently Asked Questions

About the Website is a science education and substance abuse prevention website for kids. Designed to be the first step towards educating kids about the dangers of drug abuse, uses science to explain how the brain reacts to medicines, drugs, and other chemicals. This website was developed by Clinical Tools, Inc. and is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. is designed for elementary school-aged kids, 7-10 years old. However, children outside this age range may enjoy the lessons and interactive computer games. Hopefully, everyone who uses the site will learn something new about science, keeping healthy, and substance abuse prevention!

Yes! Kids can become a member by creating a "nickname" and password to sign in to the site, but we will not ask for your child's first name, last name, or address. We conform to and operate under a strict privacy policy.

Using BrainTrain

Kids travel on the Brain Train by completing computer activities and games in six "Stations," each focusing on a different topic of science education and substance abuse prevention. Scientific inquiry, brain function, neurotransmission, and the dangers of using drugs and tobacco are all topics covered in the fun lessons and interactive games.

Currently, there is no cost to create an account on BrainTrain4Kids-related products can be bought from our stores.

Yes! The site is designed for kids to use independent of grown-up help; however, an adult should be on hand in case kids have questions about vocabulary or game instructions. As it is designed for young children, does not include offensive language or graphics.

Need More Information?

You can contact our site through the Contact Us Form.