Grown-Up Guide

Grown-Up Guide

Welcome Parents, Teachers and other Grown-ups! Please read the Grown Up Guide to learn about how to use the BrainTrain4Kids program.

Download the Grown-Up Guide PDF for printing and other distribution. is designed for independent use by 2nd- and 3rd-graders. Grown-ups are encouraged to monitor children as they use the program in case they need help understanding a concept or an activity. The program is linear and consists of six stations that build a base of knowledge about science, the human brain, and how drugs affect the brain and body.

How to use BrainTrain4Kids with your child

Please instruct children to begin the program with Station 1: Science Place, and to complete the buildings in each station in numerical order.

Each station contains four buildings:

  • Building 1: Welcome Center gives an introduction to what kids will learn in the station.
  • Buildings 2 and 3 contain the bulk of the station's content and educational games.
  • Building 4: Brain Games contains interactive online games and printable hands-on activities that will reinforce the material learned from the current and previous stations.
  • A final, fun quiz in order to receive a Junior Scientist Award that they can print and keep.

Expected Outcomes

Children who use the BrainTrain4Kids program should learn about the science inquiry, the brain, and how medications and drugs can influence the brain. Please see the Learning Objectives for examples of questions for each station, as well as how relates to the National Science Education Standards for elementary-aged children.

Measuring Outcomes

Grown-ups can assess how well kids are understanding the material in each station by asking them questions about the content and what they have learned. The Learning Objectives page also includes assessment measures (tests) that can be used to evaluate the child's knowledge of and attitudes about the content.

After completing all six stations, children must pass a final quiz in order to receive a Junior Scientist Award that they can print and keep.