(You can print out a map and trading cards [PDF] for each station.)

For more information about each of the six stations, click on the following links:

Station 1: Science Place

Science Place will introduce children to the four steps of scientific inquiry: observe, hypothesize, experiment, and conclude. Kids will learn how to use their senses safely -- seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching -- to describe the properties of an object. For safety, the sense of taste will not be used in this module.

Station 2: Brainville

What part of the brain controls breathing and heartbeat? What area of your brain controls your emotions? Kids will learn the answers to these questions in Station 2: Brainville where they will be introduced to parts of the brain and their functions.

Station 3: Neurontown

In Neurontown, children will learn about the nervous system and how your brain sends messages to your body. By playing Neurontown's interactive games, kids will explore how messages travel between the brain and body!

Station 4: Drugopolis

In Drugopolis, children will begin to learn about drugs and medicines, and how these substances affect your brain and body. Children will learn which drugs are helpful and which ones are harmful. Kids will also learn that taking too much of any medicine is a bad idea, and to always follow the instructions given by a doctor, parent, or adult caregiver.

Station 5: The Smokestacks

In Station 5, The Smoke Stacks, your child will focus on tobacco and nicotine, a drug found in the leaves of the tobacco plant. By simulating a controlled experiment, your child will see the unhealthy residue that tobacco leaves in a smoker's throat and lungs. Children will also learn that nicotine can lead to addiction.

Station 6: New Health City

In Station 6, New Health City, your child is nearing the end of the Brain Train journey. This final station serves as a culminating activity. However, your child will also learn about two types of drugs: stimulants and depressants, and kids will consider how eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising can improve brain function and keep it working in top condition.